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Luxury living in the
heart of Sydney’s Elizabeth Bay

The Gazebo is situated in Elizabeth Bay, the heart of one of Sydney’s most diverse and historically interesting areas. Formerly the famous Gazebo Hotel, it is one of the most recognisable features of Sydney’s architectural landscape. The area is home to some of Sydney’s best restaurants, cafes, art galleries, bookshops and entertainment venues.

The Gazebo borders Fitzroy Gardens and the historic El Alamein fountain, offering views of the harbour or the local area as far as Paddington. Apartments in the Gazebo are sought after by people who are looking for a modern, inner-city lifestyle, where the best of the local area is within a short walking distance.

The Gazebo took its name and style from the gazebos which were a feature of gardens in the most gracious homes of the 19th century. They were places where people spent leisurely hours, relaxing or enjoying the view.

The Gazebo comprises two adjoining buildings - the Tower and the Court. The Tower was the original Gazebo Hotel, built in the late 60s. Frequented by well-known local and international guests, it was often used as a setting for film and television productions. The Court building was subsequently added in 1982.

In 2005, the Gazebo was transformed into luxury apartments, offering a high level of style and comfortable living. From the very first impression of the Elizabeth Firth designed foyer, with its playful splash of red, to the magnificent vistas from every window, you can’t help but feel a sense of pride and a genuine excitement at being able to call the Gazebo your home.